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Transscripts SEASON 4 / complete ENGLISH transscripts for each listed EP ... a few comments in German at the ep "a midsummer nightmare" only

Since German is my mother tongue and English just my second language, there might be quite some flaws in my transcriptions ... if you find some of the plenty typos and misinterpretations within the texts, just feel free to tell me, and I will correct them ASAP. THANKS.

  • 4.1 - Little blue planet (full English dialogues and comments) [here]

  • 4.2 - Texx Lexx (full English dialogues and comments) [here]

  • 4.3 - P4X (full English dialogues and comments) [here]

  • 4.4 - Stan Down (full English dialogues and comments) [here]

  • 4.5 - Xevivor (full English dialogues and comments) [here]

  • 4.6 - The Rock (full English dialogues and comments) [here]

  • 4.7 - Walpurgis Night (full English dialogues and comments) [here]

  • 4.8 - Vlad (full English dialogues and comments) [here]

  • 4.9 - Fluff Daddy (full English dialogues and comments) [here]

  • 4.11 - A Midsummer Nightmare (full English dialogues - some comments in German) [here]

- full season 4 (up to "4.9 Fluff Daddy" - incl. "4.11 midsummer nightmare") [500 KB]
by Ramona D. [engl./german] [here]

Transscripts / Fan-Fiction:

there are many websites with dedicated fan-contributions to the LEXX-universe. Here is mine. First: the most important (from my point of view) dialogs and transcripts of Season 1 - 4 (partially). Some is only in german, some is a mixture of English dialoges and German comments, and some is truely English (as best as I can WRITE and understand English).

This is not meant to be any violation of courtesy or copyrights. The texts are still Salter Street Films / Paul Donovans / Lexx Gigeroffs - but the transscripts were my effort and work. Please keep that in mind when quoting or posting them!

Second: my own analyses of the series. Only in German though!

Third: My own fan-fiction!

All texts are in RT-Format - means "rich text format"! - Download the files, thought the layout might be somehow messed up. Oh, and no garantee, that there will not be any transcription errors. First: I was not always able to understand each word or sentence, and second, sometimes my English wasn't perfect and just failed me =(. Be kind! =)
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