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LEXX - Kai feeling nothingLEXX - Kai feeling nothing LEXX - Kai with his braceLEXX - Kai with his brace

title: LEXX - Kai watching

original size: 30 x 35 cm

created: Feb. 2003

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Do you know the TV-series LEXX - the dark zone? If not, you SHOULD know it, if you are a crow-fan, then you should definitely NOT miss LEXX - it is a pretty deep and crazy series. Also with a undead guy, but different to the Crow. Though almost as melancholic - but also funny, crazy - whatever WATCH it, it is GREAT! This painting is about Kai, who tries to find out something about the giga shadow ...


For purchasing original artwork please contact the artist - Ramona Deininger - personally by clicking   here. Don't forget to mention the name of the piece you want. Each artwork is unique and the price depends on size, affort and such. Postal costs will be added also.

Ramona also does paintings on request. You can send her i.e. photos, that she will turn into paintings only for you! [email].