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- all seasons analyses {spoiler!} + SEASON 1 [130 KB]
by Ramona D. [german] [here]

- SEASON 2 {main parts, only German}
by Ramona D. [german] [here]

- SEASON 3 {full English dialogues}
by Ramona D. [engl./german] [here]

- SEASON 4 (up to "4.9 Fluff Daddy" - incl. "4.11 midsummer nightmare")
by Ramona D. [engl.] [here]

- mini-spoiler (4.23 - "Lyekka vs. Japan") [40 KB]
by Ramona D. [german translation] [here]

- Gespräch zwischen Kai und Xev [110 KB]
Based on season 2/3, by Ramona D. [german] [here]

- For the Greater Good [75 KB]
Based on season 3/4, by Ramona D. [english] [here]

Transscripts / Fan-Fiction:

there are many websites with dedicated fan-contributions to the LEXX-universe. Here is mine. First: the most important (from my point of view) dialogs and transcripts of Season 1 - 4 (partially). Some is only in german, some is a mixture of English dialoges and German comments, and some is truely English (as best as I can WRITE and understand English).

This is not meant to be any violation of courtesy or copyrights. The texts are still Salter Street Films / Paul Donovans / Lexx Gigeroffs - but the transscripts were my effort and work. Please keep that in mind when quoting or posting them!

Second: my own analyses of the series. Only in German though!

Third: My own fan-fiction!

All texts are in RT-Format - means "rich text format"! - Download the files, thought the layout might be somehow messed up. Oh, and no garantee, that there will not be any transcription errors. First: I was not always able to understand each word or sentence, and second, sometimes my English wasn't perfect and just failed me =(. Be kind! =)
email: crowwing@muenster.de


Other German transcripts by Ramona:
  • FREEJACK mit Emilio Estevez & Mick Jagger (1991) [hier]
  • DER WÜSTENPLANET von David Lynch (1984) [hier]
  • DER HIMMEL ÜBER BERLIN von Wim Wenders (1987) [hier]

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