Have you EVER seen ...

such a GREAT, great dusk????
It started with a yellow-green light and went through
EVERY color of the rainbow ...
The pics are in order of taking them (thanks for my digital camera), and I DIDN't change or reedited even ONE of the pics. They are just like I took them ...
at the evening, when the 30th anniversary of the first visit
on the moon was, the Apollo 11-mission ...

Crowmona-pics Crowmona 2
sweet home
great dusk
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Click for larger images ... and enjoy the nature-event!!!!!!

It lasted only 15 minutes, but such a GREAT, great thing is for sure one of the things, Brandon Lee was talking about at one of his last interviews: "How many times do we watch the full moon-rise ... maybe three times? Or even more? ... Everything is limited ..."

Yeah, this wasn't a moon-rise, just a sunset, BUT how many times do you see GREEN colors there? Remember: everything is limited ...

I wanted to share this with you all ...

Ramona sends her regards!