-rare stuff

You can find such stuff still SOMEWHERE, on the web, ebay, at dangerous areas of L.A., but it is difficult and an effort ... so enjoy, what I show you here ... and decide by your own, if you want to search and buy it somewhere.

(click on the pics, some of them lead you to further pics and information)

- James O'Barr handmade box
(1 # at a crow shrine contest)

This was the first prize at a crow contest, whose winner was chosen by James O'Barr personally! He made this book / box by himself and it contains a lot of very cool stuff, that was done or worn by James personally! Look at it [here]
(Read his comments to my contest entry [here])
Buy such a box at crowfanclub.com for yourself !

I am a very happy person today:

this is a personal handwriting of James O'Barr . A comment to my PAINTINGS !!!! Details [here] ...that is sooooo cool! Thanks, Mr O'Barr!

The script of Crow 3 - Salvation, want to read it? Okay, click [here] ... it was really cool to read such a script, when you knew, they are still shooting it !!! Got it early 1999 - And if you wanna take a look at the Salvation pics of the movie...

This it a early draft of the COA-script, it is really very different from what they finally released on theatres ... Top Dollar's resurrection, Grange is returning, want to read it?
[HERE]. It would have been a better movie without cutting the extra scenes!!!

the James O'Barr-Comic-movie by fans The James O'Barr's-Comic based amateur-video-tape. Done by devoted fans with a really VERY Brandon-lookalike young and talented guy as Eric.
Click [here] for a few pics of it!
A few really old magazine-articles, from 1994 - 1996, most of them contain not only really interesting interviews and comments and a view behind the scene, but also some unique pictures, most of them of the COA-movie ... just click on them.
Unfortunatelly you can only view the pics so far, the text will appear somehow later, when I don't have to type it all on my own !!!
Cinefantastique 8/96, THATwas a really LARGE article there, about 8 PAGES!! At least 14 sides of pics, interviews, information, background, backstage ... whatever you can imagine, a really GREAT article!!!
Fangoria 8/94 including a large Brandon-interview, soppose to be his last one, but I am not so sure about that ...
Fangoria 8/96, the cover-story is COA, very new on the theatres then.
A few German-Magazine-articles. From 1995.
The Crow-CD-ROM, difficult to get these days, try ebay, but it is not avialable on a shop or such ... it includes video- and sound-clips of both Crow-movies and several interviews, even a shot with the skullcowboy. One extra is a print of a scretchbook of James O'Barr! - (look below).
A scretchbook of James O'Barr from the CD-ROM!
The REAL sugar-skulls from the REAL Dia de Los Muertos (COA), more oics of the Dia de Los Muertos 1999 in L.A. at my Halloween 99-subpage!
The original merchandising-cataloge of Crow 1
The STH-soundtrack, it was never for sale, just a collection of songs, used as the score and as background-songs, this CD was only for members of staff, crew and cast of STH, though ShellyAngel won one of it and she rmade me a copy ...
you can listen to it in a few months on my sound-archive page.
The theatre-prints of Crow 1 and 2
it is a German tradition, to post prints of a movie as a preview on the theatre-windows, - as far as I know, there are only those German prints available (not from other countries, because they don't have this tradition), they have the size of 30 cm (12 inches), you can recognize them on the German Crow-sign on it ...
The cardset of Crow 1, the one of Crow 2 is still available, but cards of the Crow1-set are about 3 dollars EACH, a complete set is 100 cards, I have about 50 (THANK YOU, Jeanette!!!)
The original novelisation of Crow 1, done by Kenneth Roycroft, this is a German edition by Goldmann-Verlag, I don't know the US-publisher, but from what I know, it is not longer available.
But trust me, Jeanette's Crow1-novelisation (on my novels-subpage) is MUCH better, then this so called 'professional'-one.
The novelisation of City of Angels --- by Chet Williamson, trust me, THIS one is better then the released movie, because there are still all the cutted scenes in there!!!! Read it. it might still be available!!!
If you hate COA but LOVE the Crow, then you really should read it !!!
This is the Crow 2 - the complete Crow-chronicle, short preview and backgroud information on both movies ... it is like a magazine, about 30 pages ... really interesting as well, look at all the pics of cutted scenes there, and cry ! Such a shame!
The Crow 1 - Behind the scene-book, should be still avialable at:
www.crowfanclub.com, just check it out, really interesting to read and there are really great pics on it!!!
The Crow 2 - Diary of the movie, should be still available at:
www.crowfanclub.com, just check it out, really interesting to read and there are really great pics on it!!!
This is the latest addition to the Crow-fan-collector-world, it is the Crow-figure by Image (Spawn). It is new and still available. I got my one on Halloween 99 from the Virgine-Record-Store in Hollywood for only 10 bucks, but from what I know, it is much more expensive now ....
oh, and still remember the
that is FOR SURE a VERY important issue for each Crowfan!! But really difficult
to get! Just look at my workprint-subpage,  okay?
If you want to see some of the cut-scenes of COA, then CLICK here:
Okay, this is not a complete list of fan-important stuff, it is just, what I call my own ... besides my - sort of - unique paintings and such ...
I just wanted to tell you, WHAT is possible to get outside there, even if you DON'T live in the USA !!!
And I don't mention the whole bunch of Crow-comics, novels, tapes, CDs and such here, because they are not RARE, right?