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Crow 2-they cut so many scenes and made it a worse movie because of that, see a few of the missing scenes HERE !!!



Ashe at Sarah's loft, he is not conviced, that he 
really IS dead, so Sarah stabs him with a knife ...
that is, what happened here ...
Ashe is treating this innocent girl here REALLY bad,
so he is sort of an anti-hero!!!
Ashe is threatened by a few thugs, right after buring the drug-factory, I would have LOVED to see such a fight!!! have you ever seen him pointing the gun AFTER he was
shot inside the fetish-club? NO!!!
Pity, that they cut this scene, too!!
See? Kali is not dead, after her fall down on the street,
Ashe talks to her and refuses her wish of
a honorable death ...
he let her lay on the street, helpless, and a bunch of
thugs comes along and they have their fun with the
proud, steelcold woman Kali!
Ashe and Sarah exchange a few words of love, before
Sarah dies ...
Ashe tells her, that he cannot join her, he is damned to
live forever, because he refused to follow his son in the
land of the dead after his fall off the tower.
He stayed to help Sarah, risking the peace of his soul for her, and now she is dying, and Ashe is damned to live forever.
WHAT a great and tragic ending, I LOVED this version, but they changed it into a sort of HAPPY ENDING!!!!