- James O'Barr handmade box
(1 # at a crow shrine contest)

This was the first prize at a crow contest, whose winner was chosen by James O'Barr personally! He made this book / box by himself and it contains a lot of very cool stuff, that was done or worn by James personally! Click on the images for larger views.
(Read his comments to my contest entry [here])
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THANKS AGAIN, JAMES, for chosing me as the winner!! I feel very honored!

This is the front of the box, with a crow-skull, a poem (handwritten by James on the box), little scratches by James and two crow-feathers.


This is inside the box. Three crow feathers are framing another handwritten poem by James. Click on the image for reading it.
The backside of the cover. It contains two print images and three old flight-tickets on the name of James O'Barr!
The backside of the box. One Crow image print.
It also contained used name tags with the name of James O'Barr printed on it. The tags were used for comic cons. Besides that: used black nail-color. Well, I guess, it was used by ... JOB himself (by the way, it is not empty ... I can still use it as well).
A full color print of Eric Draven on the graveyard, personally signed by James! You can order such things for sourself at crowfanclub.com, by the way! That is the official James O'Barr Crow website!
On the back of the color print is a black and white print: a portrait of Eric Draven.
This is a B/W copy cover of a handmade book: called 'the book of REVELATIONS'. The title is written with James O'Barrs handwriting with golden charactres. The book contains what you can see on the next image.
It is a copy of a text from the bible: "The revelations of Jesus Christ"! It might be the king James bible - but I am not sure, we in Germany have the Lutherian bible here.

This is a wild mixture of different stuff that might be little souvernirs of James O'Barr, collected on his countless trips: a crow telephon card (used), chinese chopsticks, several candies and a small brown sugar pack from Hawaii.

All this stuff was INSIDE the box.

This crow T-shirt was in a extra package. Well, it is about 3 sizes too large, but though cool.

You can order such shirts at: crowfanclub.com, the official James Crow website!