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Ramona's Crow-paintings sitemap

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      SOUNDARCHIVE Crow 1 + workprint & 2 and STH (largest of the web)

      FANFICTION (not all by Ramona)

      WORKPRINT of Crow 1 (cut scenes of the movie)

        RARE COLLECTORS STUFF (all available somewhere)


          DARK MOOD pix (gothic churches, festivals, parties)

          family & friends
          other stuff & feedback

          Last change was Jan., 2006, new paintings, new scripts and renewing of the shop-part, my sis wedding!! I also added a automatic galery area - but it is not filled yet. - Soon there will be much more paintings and you can even order Original Ones or request paintings done for you only! - Email me for that!

          When I look at my page, that I started building early 1999, then everything began with my paintings.
          It is grown till then like a living organism, and I improved my knowledge of HTML and even Java Script-programming, improved and changed parts of the page again and again.

          There were added several sub-pages, i.e. the sound-archive, as soon as I got the STH-tapes (thanks to MARLA!!). Then my friend Greenspider died, and I was forcing myself to end the unfinished project of him, the Crowtry-project. It is done by so many Crow-fans, that I can barely consider it a part of MY page only, but it is worth a link from my main-page (and at least THAT makes it a part of it, right ?)

          Then my friend Thomas sold me my first digital photo camera, and I started adding all the photo-pages. Now I own a much better camera and can even offer prints, just check it out ! And my page is growing even more.

          Now it has reached a size, that it is even difficult for me to remember all the sub-pages and sub-sub-links.
          That's what this sitemap is for: to go to the sub-pages, to don't loose the way while surfing through my ... mmmh I guess ... more then 2000 htmls and about 400 MB of data, sounds, pics, whatever.

          And like a living organism, the work here is never done and will never be finished as long as this site exists and I take care of it.

          Ramona, 2006