TOS (the conditions of order and payment)

order-/ payment conditions payment fees postal conditions: outside Europe postal conditions: within Europe postal and payment conditions: Germany


the order- / payment conditions:

While you fill out the order-form and click on the 'Accept the TOS-button', you accept that you have read this conditions and agreed to it. The order of the prints is as long cancel-able as no money has been exchanged.

After filling out the order-form you will get an email within 2 working-days with detailed infos concerning your print-order, total prize and where to send the money at the currency, that you have chosen. Send the fitting amount, we cannot send the change back to you. THANKS! =)
If you change your mind and don't want to order at all, just reply with your explaination, and the deal is cancelled.
If you have already sent your money and are going to change your mind, then it isn't possible to get the money back.

The prints will be send to you (to the within the order-form given adress) as soon as the money arrived. Not earlier. You agree, by getting the prints, that you accept the copyrights of the artwork and don't sell further prints of it, without the agreement of the artist. The mini-poster-prints will be signed by the artist herself, so you can be sure, that you got an ORIGINAL print, not any copy-stuff.

The print will be on a highquality thick photo-paper and you can handle it like any other photos: framing it ... the thick photo-paper asures you, to get a highquality-print instead of just another normal-printed poster-paper print.

This is a non-company-offer and we are not responsible of any kinds of damage, delay or cancelling out of our influences. This all will be dealed from private person to private person.

Unfortunatelly we cannot accept credit-cards, checks or other currencies than US-dollars or Euros, but Paypal is possible! For costumers in Germany are other options avialable. [Germany]

(The following duration of the postal-ways are only approximal and cannot be granded in any ways!)


postal conditions if you live outside of Europe:

The mailing-costs will be added to the price of the prints and depends on:
- how large, how heavy and how fast the package has to be send.
Small packages like for the postcards costs about 3 EURO ~ 4 US-dollars
Large packages like for the posters costs about 7 EURO ~ 8 US-dollars
The usual mailing-service is the shipping. The duration depends on the postal-service and is not within our influence, nor can we hurry it up. Depending on where you live, it might take about 2-3 weeks until you get your prints.
If you want the prints airmailed to you, then the prints take only about 1 week to get to you: just fill out the 'special comments' text-entry-field of the order-form and claim your airmail-wish. The mailing-costs might increase because of that.

We are not responsible of damage during transportation, but we OF COURSE try to avoid that by thick and save packaging. Though we cannot grand, that the prints will arrive without any damages. If that happens, complain to your postal-service, depending on your local laws you might be able to get some refunds back.


postal conditions if you live in Europe:

It is almost the same as for the 'outside of Europe' countries, but the shipping- or airmailing-costs are quite smaller than to outside Europe, the USA (for example). And besides that you should get your prints, even shipped, within about 1-2 weeks. Though unfortunatelly we cannot grand this short durations.
Small package like for the postcards costs about 2 Euro
Large package like for the posters costs about 3-4 Euro (depends on weight)

postal /payment conditions if you live in Germany:

Besides handling it the same way as all the other countries, Germany has one additional way of handling the payment: by NACHNAHME (with additional Nachnahme-Gebühren about 4,5 Euro). If you want to choose this option, choose NACHNAHME as the payment in the order form. You will get an Email concerning your order and the for the payment necessary informations within two working-days - ASAP.


PayPal --- 2% added to the ordered items total sum. The postal-costs are fix as mentioned above. Paypal-Payment can only be done at the US-currency.

Cash --- cheapest way to order prints. Only the postal-costs will be added to the ordered items total sum.

Nachnahme --- only in Germany. 5 Euro added to the postal costs.

Ramona Deininger sends her regards!