The Crow - Ravenchild
by Pilar Draven [email]


This story is about a female Crow, Pilar Ravenchild, which lost her boy-friend, and comes back to take revenge. So far it is nothing new, but how Pilar acts toward her friends Christan and Blake, who honestly want to help her, that IS somehow unique. --- Just read it !

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Christian and Blake exchanged worried glances, as Blake slowly walked over to her.
"Um, Pilar… um, yeah. Uh, are you going to um… I don't know, maybe… Get Up?" he yelled at her, as she cringed, inching her way against the wall.
"Get me out of here! Please kill me! " She yelled, falling over when she tried to get up.
Christian, sensing the worst got up to follow her as she limped off. "No! Pilar don't even joke like that! It's not funny!" he yelled fearfully as she leaned against the broken windows frame, smiling cruelly.
"What's the matter? Afraid I'm going to… get hurt?" She started laughing again, now harder than before."I'm sorry. It's just that, you're starting to get in my way. Therefore, I'm going to do one of two things.
One: Let you back off quietly and leave me to my work, or
Two: I kill you. Your decision. Choose wisely." She then stood with her arms crossed, looking at him, waiting.

"Well?" he sighed. "Pilar, I guess your just going to have to kill me, considering I'm not going to let you kill yourself." He said, looking at her intensely.
She nonchalantly sauntered over to him; arms still crossed until she reached him. She then lunged quickly at him, slamming him against the wall… Blake sat up in the chair, which he had dozed off in.

"Christian?" he said nervously, now frightened by the sudden silence. He got, and to walk towards the stairs.
When he was nearly there, he heard the sound of braking glass, screams and pounding. He hurried up the stairs.

"Okay then. I guess this is goodbye. You know, I kinda started to like you after a while. To bad about this. Guess it just pays to listen to me, huh?" she said, throwing him across the room, watching him hit it.
She walked over to the window again. She turned back again to see him, lying dazed in a puddle of his own blood.
At that moment, Blake walked in.

"Christian!" he yelled running over to him. " Pilar! What in the unholy hell are you doing?" he yelled, looking at her with her arms spread open, smiling insanely.

"I think I'm gonna find the stairway to heaven… And jump right off." Pilar said as she let her self fall out of the window.
"Shit! No!" Blake yelled, running over to the window. He looked out, seeing nothing, and ran back to Christian.
"What… Why? Why did she do this to you? I mean, did she tell you anything?" Christian looked up, coughing and wincing in pain.

"She said that I was getting in her way and… something like… she had work to be done. I'll be okay… but I'm not so sure about her." Blake stood up, concerned for Chris.
"Are you sure you can handle trying to find her?" Christian laughed painfully as he got to his feet.
"Hey, if I can handle that, I can handle anything. C'mon. Let's go find her. (...)



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